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Network information

The main task of ReferNet is to provide information on developments in vocational education and training in EU member states, Norway and Island. The list of institutions from each ReferNet partner country responsible for collecting information can be found here. ReferNet Slovakia contact is here. Information elaborated by ReferNet is displayed in dedicated websites and databases maintained by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop).

Information provides the insight into national VET systems and serves a basis for comparative analyses. The main sources of information comprise monitoring reports elaborated following the guidelines agreed between Cedefop and ReferNet specialists, predominantly VET country reports, thematic reports, short news. When developing reports SNO cooperates with experts from other institutions.

Network News

Click on the link Network news to get to the section providing collaborative workspace for latest news from selected EU countries, predominantly from Slovak neighbours.

If you are interested in information from other ReferNet countries, contacts to all partner countries can be found here.

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