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Country reports

Country reports bring up-to-date information on national VET systems. Till 2008 they were known as Thematic overviews. Reports are prepared according to a common structure provided by Cedefop. They are updated on yearly basis and are also available from the dedicated Cedefop web page. The most recent edition within a respective period is published in a way which makes it possible to view and compare themes and sub-themes for individual countries. As reports represent the most frequently studied materials, you can also find them at the Cedefop website as well as our home page by clicking on the logo


Country reports for Slovakia

Reports for all network countries from 2005


Short descriptions of national VET systems

Besides country reports, countries holding the EU presidency prepare a document on their national VET systems with a subtitle Short description. These countries also prepare a leaflet titled Spotlight on. The documents are published in more European languages and can be found here.

Report for Slovakia