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Cedefop sources

Cedefop brings rich sources of information for experts, decision-makers and practitioners in VET. Current news from Cedefop as well as on activities related to vocational education and training in the EU can be found in Cedefop Newsletter.

Links in this part of our website will directly navigate you to the dedicated sections of Cedefop website, where you can search for information you are interested in.

  • The section Cedefop databases includes a link to the Cedefop project VET in Europe which brings you to documents on VET systems in ReferNet partner countries, and a link to the Cedefop bibliographic database VET-Bib that is developed together with ReferNet partner countries.
  • Cedefop publications result from Cedefop’s research activities. They are available in printed and/or online versions. You can order printed versions directly from the respective website. Most of publications are free of charge, some are for fee.
  • Press releases bring up-to-date information on published Cedefop publications, on conferences and other events to be held or already held, and on important Cedefop events.
  • Briefing notes present summaries of results of analyses, studies, publications. They can be supplemented with most significant statistical data.
  • The website section Events will inform you on conferences, seminars or workshops to be held in near future. Information usually includes the link to the website of respective event where you can find further details on the event.
  • Information on opportunities to work with Cedefop can be found is the section Calls and vacancy.
  • The link Cedefop newsletters navigates you to the Cedefop newsletter bringing information on Cedefop activities and events. Skillsnet e-bulletin will be avilable later.
  • Cedefop's magazine Skillset and match offers information on and analyses of VET systems, policies, research and practice. 

Network News

Click on the link Network news to get to the section providing collaborative workspace for latest news from selected EU countries, predominantly from Slovak neighbours.

If you are interested in information from other ReferNet countries, contacts to all partner countries can be found here.

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