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Dotazník Európskej komisie o budúcnosti OVP

14.5.2018, 15:03
Dotazník Európskej komisie o budúcnosti OVP Vyjadrite, prosím, v anonymnom dotazníku svoje názory na vývoj spoločnosti, ekonomiky a odborného vzdelávania a prípravy teraz a v budúcnosti. Odpovede sa očakávajú od pedagógov, zamestnávateľov a iných špecialistov z celej EÚ. Po kliknutí uvidíte sprievodný list k dotazníku.

Dotazník je dostupný v angličtine tu. Vyplnenie si vyžaduje približne 20 minút. Nedajte sa, prosím, odradiť prvou otázkou. Sprievodný list nasleduje.

Cover letter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) is currently working on a project focusing on the ‘Changing Nature and Role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Europe’. This research supports the European Commission and the EU Member States in setting objectives for post-2020 European cooperation in this area.
We kindly invite you to actively take part in this project and to share your views with us on the future of VET. For this purpose, we have prepared an online survey on major trends that have existed to different degrees across European countries between 1995 and 2015, which we have identified from our research. This survey will allow us to validate our preliminary findings and to set some parameters in the subsequent development of scenarios for VET in 2035. For more background information see the project website.
We kindly ask you to support this project and to fill in the questionnaire below. It will take you 15-25 minutes to complete the survey, which is anonymous. You will be able to access some interim results of this survey, once you complete the questionnaire. More results will become available at the European Vocational Skills Week in November 2018.
The survey is aimed at experts from various institutional backgrounds in the area of vocational education and training (and related fields such as labour market and social policy). Please feel free to forward the questionnaire to other persons interested in the future of vocational education and training who may equally be interested to support this project.
For any questions regarding this project please contact Jens Bjørnåvold ( or Jörg Markowitsch (

Best regards,

Jens Bjørnåvold                           Jörg Markowitsch
Cedefop, Senior Expert               3s, Project Manager