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Policy reports

National VET policy reports provide information on progress in achieving targets agreed within the process of European cooperation in VET.


Reports from 2015

The 2015-2020 targets (medium-term deliverables) were agreed at the meeting of the ministers in charge of vocational education and training in EU countries, EEA countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) and EU candidate countries in Riga in June 2015. They are included in the document Riga conclusions 2015. The ReferNet countries prepare on yearly basis information on the progress in achieving these targets. This reporting as well as information collected from the ministries create a basis for reports prepared by Cedefop for the meetings of Directors General for Vocational Education and Training (DGVT). In 2018, Cedefop prepared and published reports for all countries monitoring the progress in 2015-2017. The reports are available from the dedicated Cedefop web page.

Report for Slovakia


Reports until 2014

National VET policy reports provide information on progress in VET policies at national level. They were prepared according to a common structure provided by Cedefop based on the request of European Commission. They represented a main source for comparative Cedefop Policy Report prepared for the meetings of ministers responsible for VET focused on European cooperation in VET (the so-called Copenhagen process).

National VET policy reports for Slovakia

National VET policy reports for all network countries are accessible from the Cedefop's VET-Bib bibliographical database. You can search its advanced search page here. Enter the search words national policy report (for 2002-2010 reports) or VET policy report (for 2008 reports) and click on the Search the catalogue button.

Comparative Cedefop policy reports

Network News

Click on the link Network news to get to the section providing collaborative workspace for latest news from selected EU countries, predominantly from Slovak neighbours.

If you are interested in information from other ReferNet countries, contacts to all partner countries can be found here.

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