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Cedefop databases

The project VET in Europe will bring you to publications with descriptions of national VET systems in ReferNet partner countries (Country reports, former Thematic overviews). The most recent edition within a respective period is published in a database which makes it possible to view and compare themes and sub-themes for individual countries.

Similarly, it is possible to view Detailed thematic analysis prepared for one of the themes included in thematic overviews. You can also find here comparative presentations and analyses that summarize and compare thematic information between EU countries. As it is one of Cedefop’s “pillar” projects you can also consult it at the Cedefop website and our home page by clicking at the logo  


The bibliographic database VET-Bib is the largest collection of literature on vocational education and training in Europe, including references to research reports, EU policy and legislative documents, statistics, journal articles, databases, websites and grey literature. Currently it contains over 70 thousand records on publications prepared in EU countries and outside EU. All records comprise abstracts in English and many of them also links to the full text of documents. You can search in the database using keywords from the European Training Thesaurus-ETT.
The database is also available from the Cedefop website and our home page by clicking on the logo